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I am a dedicated artist with an intense love for animation. Embracing the creativity inherent within the medium, I specialize in 3D character animation, with strong skills also in rigging and environmental modeling. Artistic expression through character performance is my first love in life.


I view animation production and interactive game design as an innovative and underutilized means for storytelling. I adore the stylistic versatility within these CG art forms and see them as the slowly descending future of art. 


When I am not being consumed by my love of art, you can find me wandering the mazes of a history museum, watching niche documentaries, or theorizing whether aliens or robots will take over the Earth first.



Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Atlanta, GA

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, 2020

Animation Mentor

Character Animation Courses, 2021


Introduction to Animation for Games, 2019

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